Inside The Girl from No. 6

Excerpt from The Girl from No. 6 by Vanessa Voth

As I mentioned on Instagram this week, I've been doing some serious thinking and reflecting on where I need to make some shifts and changes to my life, both personally and professionally. I'll save my thoughts on smart phones and the damaging effects I'm seeing to my own social life, and that of society's for another day. But to summarize, I realized I want to focus primarily on my writing endeavours, promoting The Girl from No. 6 as much as possible.

I will be sharing more excerpts from my book, along with images and more details about the book and my writing experience. And eventually I'll share a bit more about the book I'm currently working on, as I know many of you are eager to hear about it!

Today's excerpt is taken from the opening scene of The Girl from No. 6. My hope is that these snippets will not only give you a taste of the story written inside, but to make you stop and think about the weight and meaning behind them.

In this moment, Kaethe is looking out into the darkness of the night, watching the last remnants of lights from land slowly fade away as the ship that is taking them to South America sails away. In this moment, everything she has ever known is left behind. Everything familiar, all her possessions, all of her wealth - essentially her whole life. What lies ahead is completely unknown. Imagine only knowing the town name to which you will move to. In the days before cell phones and Google, there was no way to know about a different land, unless someone had travelled there before.

This was the case for thousands of Mennonites immigrating overseas from Russia. Yes, they were glad to have escaped the horrors of the Red Terror, managed to escape death, but it was in no way easy.

Take a moment to imagine yourself in Kaethe's place. How would you feel? What thoughts would be going through your mind? What would you cling to in those moments when the fear of unknown is too much to bear?

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