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Updated: Apr 7, 2020

I sit, silent, hands resting ever so gently on the keyboard, yearning to press down, to form letters into words and into memories. This feeling–it is familiar and foreign at the same time. This time, like all the others, is marked with the scent of burning candles–a blend of cedar and leather–and piano music playing as the soundtrack to this sacred moment, this sacred space.

My fingers move with fluidity, with determination and purpose. There is so much to say.

Where to begin? Where did I leave off? How could I ever catch up?

That is the fear that stifles my attempts to rekindle this ritual, this putting to paper of memories, of the day-to-day, the mundane. The questions, the realizations, the dreams.

All the days lived, the laughs shared, the milestones accomplished, that have not been documented–will they survive if they do not have words attached to them? Words to mark them forever, to make them remain forever.

To start from the beginning was too daunting a thought. The result, the path I chose instead, was to do nothing. To live the days and inscribe to memory the moments I most cherished and hope it would suffice.

Oh, how I’ve missed this. How I’ve missed writing for the sake of writing. The outpouring of heart with no plotline to follow. Merely moving thoughts and feelings from spirit to black letters across an ivory page. To see life from various perspectives. To gain clarity when fog settles over me. To heal when pain overwhelms me. To worship. And to feel alive, fully alive.

I invite you to join me, to share these moments of my days, my thoughts. Now more than ever we need to find new ways to connect, to know that others are really always within reach, and I hope that this space will be just that–a place to connect, to relate, to share.

Welcome back…

Photo by The Venture Creative

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